The Elder Scrolls Arena Download

Bethesda Softworks Company develops quite popular cycle of cRPG games The Elder Scrolls from quite a long time. Do you want to live the incredible adventure in the fantasy world on Tamriel continent? Do not hesitate and get The Elder Scrolls Arena Download! It is the first instalment of amazing cycle that appeared in 1994. In the game, you will become the character who embarks on the search of mysterious magic Staff of Chaos. Thanks to it, you will be able to release the emperor, who was trapped in distant prison between the different dimensions. You will never be bored while playing! You will be able to visit a lot attractive locations and participate in many quests.

The Elder Scrolls Arena Download

The Elder Scrolls Arena Free Download

Free Download!

The adventure in fantastic world

The game is pretty interesting, especially thanks to the possibility of experiencing incredible adventure in perfectly designed fantasy world on Tamriel continent. It is prepared in full 3D, we can explore it from the first person perspective. The world we are visiting is inhabited by eighteen fantasy races. We may be astonished with the size of created magic land. Tehre will be more than four hundred cities and villages to visit, many mysterious labyrinths and dark dungeons to explore, where up to 2500 different magic items have been hidden.

Freedom of choice

The storyline of the game is based above all on searching the mysterious Staff of Chaos thanks to which we can release the powerful Emperor. Imprisoned by the evil forces in the mighty fortress, the prison that is located outside our dimension. In order to set him free, we will need a key, which is Staff of Chaos. Acquiring it will not be simple. We have to find eight pieces of Staff of Chaos and then put it together.

It is also worth to note that the storyline is not linear. Of course, we are dealing here with the main theme, which shapes the story but to be honest, the way the game carries on is dependent most of all from the players. We will be able to choose the path and create the figure, develop its career in guilds, and look for new ways of fulfilling the missions. Get The Elder Scrolls Arena Download. You will surely finish the game more than once and each time you do that, it will look different. You can focus solely on the main theme and quickly find the elements of Staff of Chaos, or you can also perform different kinds of missions and quests, and enjoying the possibility of free choice.

A game that became legendary

The game has appeared for the first time in April, 4th 1994 and in one moment it gained popularity and fans all over the world. It was a ground breaking game of DOS era, which still has its supporters. Obviously, from the today’s perspective, you can see some bugs and not polished elements. The technology has extremely developed for last 20 years, especially when it comes to the graphics. Nonetheless, the game can still please.

Now, it is available for free on the producer’s page for download along with the second edition of the cycle. It is a very good occasion for the older players to remind this cult position, and the youngsters to get to know with the title. If you want to play it for free, use The Elder Scrolls Arena Download. In some cases, you will need to use Dos-box for the game.

TES / The Elder Scrolls Arena Download

The Elder Scrolls Arena Download

Free Download!

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