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Did you enjoy two first editions of famous The Elder Scrolls cycle? Then play the third part as well! Get The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind Download! This cRPG game, similarly to previous editions of the cycle, has been created by the developing studio called Bethesda Softworks. This time the main storyline theme will focus on mysterious prophecy proclaiming the coming of the protector of Morrowind, who is called Nerevarine. In the third part of The Elder Scrolls, we will have a huge freedom in shaping the storyline, as it was in previous instalments of the cycle. We will also be able to freely decide in which way to go first, what missions to fulfil, and what abilities to develop. It’s worth noting that the game uses a very climatic music.

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The first instalment of The Elder Scrolls cycle

The fans of The Elder Scrolls had to wait to 2002 for the instalment number 3. As in the previous editions of the series, the action of this one takes place in huge, impressive empire called Tamriel. This continent has been divided onto eight provinces. Each of them is inhabited by different race which varies significantly in terms of culture, politics, and religion. The storyline of the game isn’t linear. We can freely choose in which way we want to shape our character and what missions we want to solve. Obviously, each of the choices we make will cause difficult to predict consequences. So, if you want to see for yourself what consequences we have in mind, The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind Download is waiting for you.

Create your own character

A huge advantage of the game The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind is a big diversity in the scope of shaping our own avatar. We can say that we may design our hero from the scratch, deciding about his appearance, pros, cons, or passions. The choice is really huge. Interestingly, if you need a hint or inspiration, you can solve a short quiz before playing the game. This test will help you create a character similar to you. It’s worth, however, to choose various figures and try out the particular options. The amazingness of this type of games includes the chance of personating anyone we want – a mage, who prepares health potions, noble knight from the brotherhood, one of the courtiers plotting against the king, or thief.

The game, which made a real sensation

In 2002, when the game The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind appeared on the market, it quickly became the true hit. The game world was wide, fascinating, and made with the use of the most modern 3d technology, which attracted fans all over the world. The admiration resulted from multilevel mazes, thousands of missions in small villages and cities on the area of Morrowind and huge realism of magic land.

Obviously, players of today know these elements from other games. They also point out that the graphics possibilities have developed significantly from 2002. Now, there are much more advanced and modern games. Despite that, the game is still very attractive to many players, even the younger ones, who are just discovering the series of The Elder Scrolls. If you want to see on your own the phenomenon of such, get The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind download.

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