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If you are the fan of famous series of cRPG games The Elder Scrolls and enjoy online games, then The Elder Scrolls Online Download is a must for you. It is an MMO type of online game that is set in the fantastic world of Tamriel, known from other games produced by American studio Bethesda Softworks. The game was released in April 4th 2014 and was made by team composed of 250 people from Zenimax Online Studios team. The game had been preparing since 2007.

The Elder Scrolls Online Download PC

The Elder Scrolls Online Download

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The plot of the game

The events in which we will participate while playing The Elder Scrolls Online happen before those we witnessed in The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. It is due to the fact that works on online version of the game started in 2007, whereas the fifth edition of the cycle appeared in 2011.

This time, while moving to the fantastic Tamriel continent, we will be the witness of the magical pack between the influential Thern family and well-known necromancer Mannimarco. This deal was to help the aristocracy remain the influence on the continent, reclaim lost power, and conquer new territories. The fate turns out to be different. The house of Thern doesn’t know that the necromancer Mannimarco has secretly entered into an agreement with the demon Molag Bal. The demon plans to take over the world. The dark alliance will make it possible to reincarnate the dead, who have fallen on the battlefields. They will be once again taken to the army. The events described above are just the beginning of the history that will take place in the game. If you want to know more about it, The Elder Scrolls Online Download is here, waiting for you!


At the beginning we have to decide which faction to join. We can choose one of three competing ones. The first one is Ebonheart Pact that brings together the following races: Nords, Dunmers, and the Argonians. The second faction is Aldmeri Dominion, and it’s created by Altmers, Khajits, and Bosmers. The third faction, called the Daggerfall Covenant, includes Orcs, Bretons, and Redguards. Each faction has its different methods and combat techniques, but their goal is the same: to gain power over the capital and making their own Emperor in order to expand their influence.

As usual in the cycle of The Elder Scrolls, we have a lot of possibilities at our disposal. We can freely shape the storyline. The world presented in the game The Elder Scrolls Online is huge, much bigger from the one we could witness in The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, and even this one was impressive. While playing, we will perform storyline tasks and decide in which order you wish to do them. Except for that, the authors of the game put huge efforts on random events that will take place in random moment of the game, like for example the attack of bandits. Graphics is also very attractive.

No subscription

Initially, huge disappointment of the fans of the game was caused by the fact that not only you had to buy the game but in order to play it online, you had to pay subscription. Currently, the producers decided to give up this form of payment. Since 2015 you just need to pay for the game and enjoy it once for all. There is no need to pay additional subscription. Because of that, we recommend to find out more and get The Elder Scrolls Online Download!

The Elder Scrolls Online Free Download Full Game

The Elder Scrolls Online Free Download

Free Download!

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